P.R. Wilkes & Associates

We have worked with and advised Burke Demolition on many projects for over fifteen year period. We have found the work carried out by Andy, Mark, Simon and Denis to be of high standard and they have always conducted themselves professionally when approaching a particular task. 

We are aware of various demolition projects Burke Demolition have successfully completed. Many of these projects required special consideration of methodology required to carry out the project with due consideration to safety and getting the right equipment to site. Aspects that have been used on various demolition projects include but not limited to the following: 

  • Handling and removing chemical hazards found during demolition process ensuring relevant government guidelines are followed and adhered to, e.g. Mackay Tafe and Dalby Power Station. 
  • Demolition of post and pre-tensioned concrete structures, e.g. Middle Ridge Power Station Toowoomba and Dalby Shopping Work
  • Demolition of high structures greater than 15m in height, e.g. KR Darling Downs Toowoomba, various silos and 40m high chimney stack, Middle Ridge Power Station 10 pre-tensioned concrete towers.
  • Demolition of structure which required the use of floor props e.g. Spring Hill Ambulance Brisbane
  • Demolition using 100T or greater capacity mobile cranes. Most large scale projects particularly those with any tall structures requiring demolition, as per above, required the use of such cranes. 

From our experience from working with Burke Industries in the past we have found that they have followed any technical advice given without question to carry out particular demotion tasks requiring Engineering input. In some instances they have recognized early when to seek advice which ultimately saves time on site and ensures that demolition projects are completed successfully. 

We advise that Burke Industries are competent demolition contractor who are capable of successfully completing any technically challenging project. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact undersigned your earliest convenience. 

Yours faithfully,

Peter Wilkes
Principal Engineer – P.R. Wilkes & Associates

Global Projects

We confirm that Burke Industries were engaged by George Weston Foods Ltd (Client) and Global Projects NSW Pty Ltd (Project manager) for the demolition of buildings and structures at KR Darling Downs, located at Mort Street Toowoomba. 

The project commenced from July 2014 and was completed in September 2014. 

The project generally consisted of the demolition of all structures onsite, leaving ground slabs in place and included such work as; 

  • Demolition of buildings (up to 3 storeys), including post tensioned concrete slabs
  • Removal and disposal of cool room panels
  • Asbestos removal (both friable and non-friable)
  • Demolition of silo (over 25m high), using Mobil cranes (100T+) and excavator equipment
  • Concrete crushing onsite
  • Battering and make good ground levels

The project was complete successfully in late 2014 and we would recommend Burke Industries for future projects. 

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss, please contact the undersigned. 


Alex Kounsavat

Project Manager – Global Projects

GHD Pty Ltd

I write in my capacity as Environmental Manager, GHD Pty Ltd Toowoomba. Since commencing my tenure at GHD Toowoomba in 2009 I have been involved in several projects with Burke Industries, mostly on site assessment and remediation type projects. 

These projects have ranged from residential demolition and site clean-up, to larger commercial/industrial site remediation projects involving soils excavation, characterisation and off-site disposal of up to 10,000m3 of contaminated soils. Site contaminants of concern for these projects included asbestos, Total Recoverable Hydrocarbons (TRH), Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene (BTEX), Metal Toxicants, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). 

I have been very satisfied with Burke Industries performance in all GHD projects they have contributed to. Specifically, I found Burke Industries to be reliable, prompt and efficient and have been impressed by the excellent communication demonstrated by their staff through prompt and professional response to client’s and constant’s enquiries. Further, I have always found that Burke Industries team adopts a proactive approach to safety and have a well maintained fleet of vehicles and machinery. 

I am very pleased to provide a professional reference for Burke Industries and would not hesitate to recommend their services for any projects similar to those outlines above. I look forward to working with Burke Industries in the future. 

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further. 


Kevin Masterton

Environmental Manager Toowoomba – GHD Pty Ltd

Intelara Pty Ltd

I am pleased to provide this reference to Burke Industries. 

We have worked with Burke Industries on various projects requiring demolition over many years. 

Recent projects include the fire damaged and restoration to Chandler Building in Ruthven Street Toowoomba, completed April 2012, Capilano Honey, South Brisbane fire damaged factory, under reconstruction and Carter Holt Harvey Sawmill, Caboolture, fire damaged factory under reconstruction. 

Burke Industries brings experience and professionalism to any project that requires good practical knowledge with regard to demolition, weather that is to make safe a damaged building for possible rectification or complete demolition. They have the ability and capacity to undertake all types of projects from domestic scale to large industrial/commercial. They have a high regard in ensuring public safety in relation to handling hazardous building materials and we have always found them easy to work with the achieve best possible outcome for our clients. 

I have no hesitation in commending Burke Industries to perspective clients and I am pleased to make this recommendations. 

Yours faithfully, 

Anthony Wilkes
Senior Engineer - Intelara Pty Ltd


I am providing this letter of reference for Burke Industries in relation to the abovementioned contract. 

The scope of the contract was to remove asbestos from and demolish an existing steel shed located very close to an existing live switchyard, remove several underground bunkers and concrete structures and excavate the site to remove contaminated soil. 

The project was adjacent to Myall Creek, with a Caravan Park across from the creek, an historical building on one boundary of the site, and a child care centre across the street. These all presented lots of challenges to project, and Burke industries worked very well with us as the principal contractor to address these issues and keep the community satisfied. 

The contract value was >$700 000, and was completed on time, on budget and with no safety incidents. 

Please feel free to contact the undersigned if you wish to obtain further information on this project. 

Yours faithfully, 

Koos Classen
Project Manager – Tenix 

Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd

Paynter Dixon engaged Burke Industries to complete works at a power plant near Mullumbimby. The power plant provided power to Northern NSW that was damaged by a large fire. Burke Industries were to make safe (Stage 1) and then completely demolish it (Stage 2). 

The demolition was carried out while working around high voltage power to three sides of the fire damaged area. 

Burke Industries worked closely with consulting engineers to develop a method to ensure the fire damaged building was demolished safely without any disruption or hazards posing from the high voltage yards as well as avoiding contamination of the creek running through and adjacent to the yard. 

Burke industries completed this project with no safety breaches and well ahead of schedule. Burke Industries has completed numerous sensitive and political projects for us during 2012. I highly recommend them for any demolition, asbestos and contamination projects which may arise. 

Yours faithfully, 

Anthony Wright 

Project Manager – Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd

Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd

I confirm that Burke Industries have been working on the above project and I provide this letter of reference in relation to this undertaking. 

The scope of the project was to remove nominated asbestos and demolish certain structure on the Ergon Energy Toowoomba depot site.  The project was political, in that the asbestos had to be removed around current operation offices. The asbestos was also removed from the entire façade under the control of Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd. There were no issues or safety breaches at any stage during the asbestos removal conducted on this project. 

This is the first time our company has engaged Burke Industries and have found them to be extremely professional in all aspects of their project scope. Their documentation is of a high standard and the conduct of their staff and workers on site is above reproach. 

The contract for this project was over $850k. The work was completed professionally from start up to completion, without incident, on time and on budget. 

Having witnessed Burke Industries performance on site first hand, I am confident to act as a reference on any future projects that may be involved in. 

Yours sincerely, 

Shane Marcus

Safety Coordinator – North Queensland Division – Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd

Hutchinson Builders

I confirm that Burke Industries have been working with Hutchinson Builders as Demolition and Asbestos Removal Contractors of approximately 10 years. During this time Burke Industries have undertaken numerous demolition projects with varying levels of difficulty and I have been very impressed with Burke’s level of professionalism and attention to detail in completing their scope of work.

This high level of attention to detail is obviously extremely important when Asbestos Removal is involved. Burke Industries are a solid company with sound business principles and I enjoy our ongoing working relationship with the company.

I am happy to act as a referee for Burke Industries and in particular Mark Burke for any Demolition or Asbestos Removal work they carry out.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Weymouth
Hutchinson Builders